Sep. 8th, 2006 02:24 pm
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Edit Edit: Special thanks to [ profile] that_cad for cracking the whip.

Edit: It looks like the hive-mind has settled on Finale in Harvard Square, which is funny, because what L had already planned to do tonight while I was meeting up with y'all was: meet up with a bunch of her other friends at Finale in Harvard Square. So it seems like a sign, even though it'll be weird to sit in different parts of the restaurant pretending we don't know each other.

Finale it is, then - we'll be there around 8 pm. We can always head elsewhere later if there's momentum.
I don't think we'll make it to Cambridge No. 1 after all - I hope [ profile] emilytheslayer isn't standing there wondering where we are. If she has a cell phone, can somebody call her?

So I'm sorry this is all so haphazard, but it's hard to plan things when you don't have a cell phone and can only get on the internet while the mean old archivists aren't looking. Here's what I'm wishing for this afternoon. I know that wishing won't necessarily make it so, but I can't expect my wishes to come true if I don't express them.

I would love for someone to nominate--strike that, choose a place to meet up for drinks, say 8:00-ish tonight, that is:
  • Red Line accessible
  • actually that's pretty much all my design specs
And I would love it if a bunch of you showed up.

I would also love to have dinner with L, and anyone else who wants to join us, at Cambridge No. 1 Pizza in Harvard Square (an old favorite) around 6:30 pm, but I haven't been able to reach her to get her commit to that.
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So my "plan," if such a flimsy inclination deserves the word, is to do something - dinner, drinks, hang out - with any and all willing Boston LJ / gamer / Ephemeral Circus types tomorrow (Friday) night. Who's with me?

Suggestions for venue welcome. I'm in the Cambridge-Kendall-Central Square area, but will go anywhere T accessible.
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I felt like dusting off an old Boston-themed icon for this post. So as I mentioned a while back, [ profile] papersource, [ profile] polka_roo, and I are coming to Boston! We'll be in town most of next week, arriving Tues. Sept. 5 and leaving Sun. Sept. 10. It's a working trip for me, but as always, we want to see our friends if we can. My schedule looks something like this:

Wednesday evening, we're having dinner at [ profile] jereblossom, and once we've chowed down, they've kindly offered to throw open their doors for public visitation and Yuki viewing. So that's the best guaranteed time to meet the Ukelele.

Wednesday and Thursday during the day, I'll be working in the MIT archives, but would love to have lunch or coffee or whatever with anyone in the MIT / Kendall area or anyone who can get there.

Friday during the day, ditto what I just said, except I'll be at Harvard instead of MIT. Come on, you know you want to pick me up, take me to Redbones, and talk about Spelljammer Planescape.

Thursday or Friday evening, I'm hoping to get together on one of those nights with my Allston homeys, but whichever night I don't I would probably be available for doing something with the Ephemeral Circus. This might be sans Y and L, so we could go out someplace non-baby friendly if we wanted and/or really indulge the kind of geeky gamer talk that L can only take in small to medium doses. Or maybe even (gasp) game, I guess, although I'd be pretty rusty, and I'd have to reset my "450 days since last game" sympathy clock.

Saturday, I think we're mostly booked, although there may be some free time in the afternoon. Besides, you'll all be busy helping [ profile] jeffwik move, right?

I'm not sure yet what our cellphone situation will be, so comment or email if you want to make contact.

And now, a Korean cartoon about Star Wars! )
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Just a heads up: [ profile] papersource, the [ profile] polka_roo, and I will be visiting Boston the week/end of February 9-12. I guess that means we'll miss the influx of "girlfriends from Canada," which is too bad, but maybe that will make it easier to schedule face time with people when we do come. Watch this space for more info and planning. We can't wait to roll with our Boston homeys again.

("Polka-roo" is of course the Fetus Formerly Known as the Seamonkey / Secret Squirrel, so renamed because (a) it does an awful lot of poking lately, but (b) it has a way of quieting right down and running silent whenever its Daddy puts a hand on Mommy's belly to see what all the excitement is about. As in, "The Polka-Roo was just here!" "Aw, I missed him again!" Get it? Those raised in Ontario know what I'm talking about.)
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Update on my Boston visit: I'll be in town from Sunday until Thursday or so. Tentative plan is to assemble the Ephemerals at [ profile] jereblossom on Monday night (assuming that's still ok with our gracious hosts; also, bring your own snax/drinx).

Ahoy Hoy

Jul. 21st, 2005 03:43 pm
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Sorry for the long silence, everyone; I am slowly hacking our way through the jungle of cardboard boxes that is our new home, but I haven't yet unpacked the ones containing a telephone line, a stable internet connection, and all our free time. So instead of writing a long post recounting all my tedious adventures, I'm just going to drive back down to Boston and tell you (where "you" = the Bostonian contingent) all about them in person.

[ profile] papersource is already in Boston today; in fact, I believe she visited [ profile] vampyrusgirl at the zoo. I'll drive down to join her on either Saturday or Sunday, then be in town for three or four more days. Our plans are still kind of in flux: maybe we can plan some kind of Ephemeral get-together on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday night? Plus splinter get-togethers where possible.

It's a short and maybe poorly timed visit (mostly weekdays, clashing with [ profile] bryant and [ profile] head58's Fantasia trek, haven't really been gone that long yet, etc.), but it won't be the last. Hope to see as many / as much of all of you as I can.
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I didn't get around to writing up 1998 today. I'm tempted to skip ahead to 1999, because, you know, Lisa! But here's a scene from Batman Begins to tide you over. And a reminder: my send-off party, at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain, this Saturday night. We've got a bunch of tables reserved from 7 pm; come whenever you can.

American Gotham
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Rob was surrounded by a group of natives.

The votes are in! Enough of them, anyway, to see that Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19 were the two big contenders for doing some sort of going-away thing. There were some polling irregularities, and [ profile] vampyrusgirl said she could do Saturday even though she didn't vote for it, and Saturday is better for Lisa, who didn't vote, so I'm going to pull a Bush v. Gore and say that the shindig is the night of Saturday the 18th, the time I'd been thinking of all along.

So mark your calendars for June 18th, next Saturday night. I'm open to fancier suggestions, but inclined to say we just hit Doyle's, my neighborhood bar. You'd also be welcome to drop by our place (just a couple blocks away) before or after. Though I can't promise any staging more elaborate than playing the Madness Meters Check Song from UnknownUSA for old times and pressing you to take away some rum & vodka, a houseplant, or a propane tank (three things the movers refuse to move).

That Saturday night doesn't work for [ profile] jereblossom, unfortunately, but neither of the top contenders did. Jess & Jere, I will try to see you guys multiple times before going—like last night, which was terrific. Thanks for having us and feeding us all as always. And next Saturday also doesn't work for [ profile] my_tallest, drat. Can L & I maybe arrange a weeknight dinner outing with you, and [ profile] gentleman and [ profile] advocatedevil24 if they're interested? You gents always take us to Machine the best places.

To those that checked "See you at GenCon, nerd": I don't know why you felt it necessary to call me names. But it's true, I am thinking of breaking my lifelong streak of never going to a gaming con, scifi con, or comic con of any size or kind. I have a couple days research to do at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis and I could easilyi synchronize it with GenCon. I assume I'm too late to get into any official games there, but that's OK. I'd probably just buy a one-day con pass and soak in the ambience on the floor, and then hope to meet up with people for socializing and possible pick-up gaming after hours. I also figure I'm too late to get into the main convention hotels. Anyone want to split some of a hotel room, or got any crash space, or should I just find something farther from downtown? I'll have a car, so it's OK if I'm not right in the rich peaty thick of all the other gamers. Tips from GenCon veterans welcome.

Edit: Oh, and I meant to explain about that picture. It's an illustration from The Master Key, a non-Oz novel by Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum about the adventures of a boy named Rob (and that's all it takes to pique my interest) who finds a magic key that teaches "the magic of electricity." The title page calls it: "An Electrical Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries Of Electricity And The Optimism Of Its Devotees. It Was Written For Boys, But Others May Read It." Which is big of L. Frank. I've had two pictures from the book on my office wall for a couple of years now and always hoped somebody would ask me about them, but nobody did, so now I'm just telling you anyway. Here's the other illo from the book.

The Turk rose slowly into the air, with Rob clinging to him with desparate tenacity.

Its caption reads, "The Turk rose slowly into the air, with Rob clinging to him with desparate tenacity," which amuses me even more than the "Rob was surrounded by a group of natives" caption, but in this picture you can't see my beanie or adorable rosy cheeks.
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Speaking of making social plans (and if you've clicked the poll, thank you—while of course there's no day that will please everyone, looks like the situation is not as dire as I feared) it looks like tonight is L's School's Teachers Girls Night Out. My invitation to that event seems to have been lost in the mail, so if anyone wanted to get together for something geeky or not tonight I'd be around.

Heading out and away from LJ for an hour or two right now, but I will of course be back on later today.
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I’ve been talking about moving away for so long now, you might be starting to wonder if I’m ever going to leave. How does that Ben Folds song go? “We thought he was gone, but he’s come back again, last week it was funny, but the joke’s wearing thin.”* But D-Day, or M-Day, or L-Day, whatever, is Sunday, June 26th, two weeks and three days from today. Last night I was informed between great crashes of thunder and wuxia human sacrifice that I’d better get on the ball in organizing some kind of social event before I go.

I don’t really want to throw a party for myself. I feel weird doing that, and it puts a lot of pressure on one night. What are the odds I’d get all the people I’m going to miss so much (that's you) lined up in one place on one day? But I really do want to see you all before leaving. I guess what I’d like best is to plan one semi-official night at Doyle’s or some similarly low-key establishment with all you Ephemeral Circus / LJ / gamer / etc. friends. And then to also make it to as many other outings as possible in the next two weeks. And if any of you want to invite me over to your homes or anything else before I go, well, that would be swell too.

So, when should that semi-official shindig be? Assuming we wanted to do something on a weekend night, I have just three weekends left and one of them is tomorrow. I had thought next weekend (the 17th or 18th) would be the best one, but that got disgruntled mutterings last night. So I guess I have to do the poll thing. I hate this because I know I should have done this a month ago and many of you are already pretty booked up and there’s going to be like three positive responses and the little red “poll result” bars will look soooooo pathetic. So, with all that sexy self-confidence out of the way...

[Poll #509509]

And like I say, keep me posted on other things that are going on. Like this guerilla croquet thing. I don't actually think I'm the core demographic for it—at least I doubt I can do Edwardian—but I can't even decipher from the six posts about it what day it is on.

*And yeah, I am making plans already to revisit Boston this summer. I can't stay away from you, giant sandwich.
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Today is my last day at the Academy. A year goes by fast when it's only nine months long. What a great, great experience it's been. Odd coincidence department: [ profile] allegedly had a job interview at the Academy yesterday. I think I may have seen her in the morning, looking professional and bobbed, and managing not to look too intimidated by the humongous portrait of John Adams they left her sitting under. So, digits are crossed for her. Fitting if she got the job just as I was packing up. One enters, one leaves. That's the Circle of Life, isn't it? Whatchacallit, Hakuna Rwanda.

I have exactly one month left in Boston. Today is May 27, and I'm going to drive to London in advance of our stuff on June 27 or 26. Which is, coincidentally, when it is scheduled to stop raining. (HEY-O!) Since it's Friday, I'm going to make like [ profile] rollick and do a fill-in-the-blank:

One thing [ profile] robotnik should definitely do before leaving Boston is ___________.

Comment below. I welcome suggestions of restaurants or museums or bars or spots you love, activities you feel are quintessentially Boston, invitations to parties or social events or games (but no, I'm not running Starchildren), or just orders to return things I've borrowed over the years. Help me make the most of my last month here!
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Oh man. Tuesday luncheon with the fellows + bottomless Tira Misu + sunny and 50+ degrees out there = damn hard to get motivated this afternoon.

L's out on the town tonight, so I must decide whether to make an early break from the heavily fortified Academy compound and go for a run, or stick around until 5:30 like the rest of you suckers and then try and find something social to do myself. Anyone want to get together for dinner or a beer after work? (It would have to be someplace T-accessible or include a ride home. Also fairly low impact: Much as I want in on all the "vodka and deep dark secrets" action that's been going around, tonight's not the night for that.)

The first option is really the wiser one since there is a lot of boxing and packing of stuff to be done at home. But I always like to represent with my crew, too.

Edit: Oh heck, do I have to be the one to make a decision / come up with a plan?

Edit Edit: You know, I think I will just rain check, or sun check, as the case may be, and go with option A. (See email off-list.) I'm sorry, gang; I wanted to do something that would still get me home in time to get some work done there, but I don't actually see how to swing it. I will be seeing many of you tomorrow night, at least.


Feb. 5th, 2005 09:48 am
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Hey, Bostonians: Is anyone looking for activity today (or tomorrow) during the day? Interested in brunch or lunch somewhere? Or short notice gaming or socializing of some kind? Or is there a soul left in this city who hasn't seen House of Flying Daggers yet and wants to? I feel like it's been years or at least weeks since I've seen any of you, and would love to rectify that. Don't let me spend the day at home writing contentious posts about GNS!

Edit: OK. So final word is: we're not going to get fancy. Brunch/lunch, at the Lighthouse, in Medford, at noon. Bryant is picking me up at Porter Square.
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All the Rabbit Hole Day posts yesterday were great, people. I was offline for the duration, so they hit me all at once this morning. I can't pick a favorite. My actual day yesterday had a definite Down the Rabbit Hole / Through the Looking Glass / Evil Mirror Universe vibe. More on that later, maybe, but right now, I'm just posting to say I'll be dropping in on [ profile] jereblossom this evening, in case anyone else wants to come by too and make it a shindig. I'll invite [ profile] papersource too, but she was up all night last night getting her grades done (they were due today), plus she played hookie to go see the BSO, and I suspect she will be crashing well before dark. (ps Tomorrow is her birthday.)
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1. Thank you all for the assorted woos and hoos and other forms of congratulations on finishing the dissertation. I am particularly delighted with [ profile] krustukles' little tribute. "May your suede elbow patches always be frayed, your spectacles always lost, and "love you" always inscribed on the eyelids of your nubile admirers." Hee. The girl knows why I went into academia.

2. Mark your calendars! I get the robes and the funny hat on June 10th. On Friday June 11th, I'm having a party chez moi to celebrate. If you're reading this and in the vicinity of Boston (or likely to be on the 11th) you have just been invited. Details to follow.

3. Another milestone! L&I just got back from our green card interview. Our marriage has been deemed "not a sham" by the Bureau of Homeland Security! The interview was a breeze. They didn't even ask to see our careful selection of pictures spanning time (spot the movie reference). Though L did giggle just a bit when I was asked "Do you plan to commit espionage and/or genocide?" which earned us a fisheye from the interviewer.

4. Those of you clamoring for gaming: I can't make Age of Paranoia tonight (celebratory dinner for #3, above), but I am gung ho to get Starchildren, Battle Without Honor or Humanity, and/or other gaming going again. In fact I'd be up for an impromptu session of something this Friday (it is the fourth Friday of the month, after all) if anybody is around. I'll use the Ad Hoc Gamers list to send out feelers, so if you're interested in any of those games but not on the Ad Hoc list, or if YahooGroups has been derelict in forwarding you those emails, you should check it for messages over the next couple of days.
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Monkey versus Sea Urchin

Kaiju Big Battel is back! Saturday, May 1st, at Avalon! Tickets $18.25.

Hellmonkey, Dr. Cube's fiery one-eyed monkey monstrosity, versus Unibouzo, the best good heroic radioactive sea urchin, for the Intergalactic Championship! Plus a full evening of undercard insanity!

As I said before in this space: It's guys, wrestling, in big rubber monster suits. What more do I have to say to sell it? I'll be there. Lisa will be there. The nefarious Dr. Cube will be there. Will you? Lemme know and I'll get you tickets.


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