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It's almost a given that the ending is unsatisfying. It's certainly in genre. From Tommy and The Wall to Ziggy Stardust and Velvet Goldmine and, heck, Johnny Saint's own Legend of Viv Vortex, can anyone name a rock opera that doesn't just sort of meander off into meaninglessness?

The End )
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I heard the Fembots on the radio
A sudden stutter in the status quo
And then the riot
And then the riot
Exploding stars and crashing cars like sentinels

More Starchildren blah blah blah )
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People tend to hate me, cause I never smile
as I ransack their homes, they wanna shake my hand

This is a lot of posting about alien rock stars, I know, but it will feel good to have this story off my hard drive, out of my head, out there in the memespace where it belongs. Read more... )
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This is what you get
when you mess with us…

Our fourth session starts* right where the third session left off, with Darling storming out of the Underground, furious at her perceived humiliation. Cut for the uninterested and mildly perturbed. )

*Let’s pretend.
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Advice given to me by an older member of the Academy on how to avoid committees and similar service work in academia: “It can be extremely useful to be seen as unsound.”

Born inside a supernova (He's Viv Vortex)
He gets in 18 and over (He's Viv Vortex)

Psychedelic V-Space! The Varmus’ immense rocktopoid ship, the Kräken, has Viv Vortex’s Flying V spaceship in its tentacles. The Kräken plays the smaller ship like a guitar, gradually tearing the Flying V apart. Viv fires the Groove Thrusters and tries to steer his ship into a Purple Hole. One of his crewmates, a gorgeous blonde (does she maybe look like somebody we know?), asks: “Viv, how will I find you on the other side?” He points to the clouds of the Head Nebula: they form a yin-yang swirl, a cosmic 69. “Remember the sign, baby.” And then he’s gone, a power chord shift across dimensions, his essence converted into pure rock. The Varmus’ voice rumbles like magma. “FOLLOW HIM. THERE IS NOWHERE HE CAN GO I WILL NOT FOLLOW.” The rocktopoids report: “We’ve lost his signal, but not the girl’s.” The Varmus is pleased. “THE GIRL WILL LEAD ME TO HIM.” The Varmus powers up the Kräken’s planet-sized Anti-Woofers, tells his crew: “PREPARE TO BECOME UN-SOUND.”

(To be continued...)
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Next up in the Secret Santa Game Exchange: [ profile] narcissime. Enjoy.

We Are All Made of Stars

It is the world of the Starchildren. The world of Mother and Velvet and the Beautiful Fascists and Mary Pagan and Darling and Kai Summer and Clio and Jack Voltaire. Or it will be. Because this is the prequel, set forty years earlier, in the glittering skies of 2034.

White Dress and Stars, 1934

People they come together, people they fall apart... )
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My office is still nice, but I need more light in here. I can barely keep my eyes open.

[ profile] narcissme is back. Yay!

What’s pretty surreal? Well, chatting at a party Monday night with a friendly old gentleman, and gradually realizing that he is, among many other things, the author of the Limited Test Ban Treaty, one of Kennedy's National Security Advisors, and also the father in Girl, Interrupted. That was pretty surreal.

What’s even more surreal? That we didn’t talk about any of those things (not that I would have brought up Girl, Interrupted). Instead, we talked all about my own goofy little research deal, because he's read my proposal and knows all about it. That’s surreal.

Re: [ profile] mgrasso’s solicitation for a new game. All the game ideas sound cool, but I need a spot on the survey where I can check “Two new campaigns in two weeks? You're freaking me out!” I gotta get out ahead of you, Mike, and sign up some players for my next game before you sew up all the days of the week. That or find you a job.

John Mack is dead, alas, and not of natural causes. The MIBs are getting sloppy. I should post my John Mack story, even though I know many of you have heard it.

Not news, but: Russ Meyer is dead, too. I was mostly shocked to learn that he was still alive. I mean, until he wasn’t.

We played the new Paranoia on Saturday. Lots of fun. Bryant asked me to write up the session for 20x20, which I hope to do. Speaking of gaming, the Burning of Chicago session of Unknown USA was one year ago this week.

Our next-door neighbor’s house caught on fire. A big fire, too. Nobody was hurt but a cat is AWOL and the downstairs apartment was pretty much gutted.
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I'm off to The Canada today for a vacation from my vacation. This weekend at Wolf Lake, next weekend in Toronto. Tough life, I know.

We played the first episode of Starchildren last night, and I certainly had fun but I also definitely felt like I could have done better. The players and characters were great but I handled the rules and rolls sloppily and was off my game in terms of playing NPCs. I've since realized a few things I was doing wrong with the rules, but mainly I just need to prep a little better. If everyone hangs in there I'm sure the pace will pick up as we figure out what the rules can do. Also, I was going to actually bust out my guitar at one point but with an actual musician like Dan there I totally chickened out. Also, any game would have trouble living up to a year or so of pre-game hype. Also, shut up and stop fishing so blatantly for reassurance, you big baby.

The game naturally led to discussion of Iggy Pop fan fiction. Here is the comic I mentioned last night. This is probably not the only Iggy Pop fanfic on the internet, but I suspect it's the only Iggy Pop fanfic composed in an IM conversation and then illustrated by a third party as a comic strip. Scatological and stupid, yeah, but some of us dig that sort of thing. It's really the glee of the teenage authors rather than the story itself that I like. To tell the truth, the original text may actually be funnier without the illustrations. And all of [ profile] abescott's posts are like that. This argument about Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci is another good example. An acquired taste, maybe, but he cracks me the hell up. MAN TRUE, as Abe would say.

That is all.
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One more Starchildren post, extra geeky.

Here Be Geekiness )


Mar. 19th, 2004 11:03 am
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Ziggy NoPants

What is it about Starchildren that cranks up such enthusiasm? It must be that the "I wanna be a rock star" urge is even more universal than the "I wanna be a multi-classed Drow ranger/magic-user/assassin" urge. (Though the two are clearly related—see the Darkchildren, below.) I should point out if it wasn't clear before that all this isn't original to me—it's just me riffing on the existing game.

More Starchild Background Geekery. )
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Ziggy Played Guitar

I really am going to run that long-threatened Starchildren game shortly. In preparation for character generation and movie night this week (I think Jess has Hedwig and Velvet Goldmine on tap, both fine choices) I'll post some of my assorted notes. I've done a major overhaul of the system (we'll be using Hero Quest) and a slight remix of the setting (you'll note some Grant Morrison influences, plus I'm opening it up to 70s Funk and Metal in addition to the canon Glam). You may think I'm putting far too much thought into a game about alien rock stars, but it will get much sillier once we bring in the Glamour rules... and besides, do we really want to follow those kinds of thoughts (about what's worth putting thought into and what isn't) to their logical conclusions?

Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls? )
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I got to meet Nora tonight! She is a cutie, a little round ball, except for her wrinkly feet with long monkey-like toes. I think you could make a wish on her feet, but of course her feet would twist your words and the wish would turn out evil. I had a nice chat with her Mommy & Daddy, too. Daddy's next spy game is diabolical, though still a work in progress. Right now it sounds like it will combine the simplicity of a LeCarre trilogy with the quickness of learning Bridge and the ease of ad libbing your own spy novel. But I'm looking forward to it.

Our pod is obviously in one of those creative cycles right now with a ton of neat RPG ideas being floated and not much actual gaming being done. Here I will add to the glut and do nothing to solve it, by describing five game ideas that have colonized my own headspace lately. But this isn't hot air. I'd run any one of these within the month if I had confirmed players. (Probably.) Which is not to say I'm not looking forward to all the groovy games everyone else has been proposing. Once again I ask in wonderment: what do the people (I presume some exist) who don't fantasize at length about teen superspies and glam-rock aliens and SoCal vampire slayers spend all their time thinking about? Reality TV? Jeez, what a way to live your life.

Spaghetti Eastern )

Battle Without Honor or Humanity )

Starchildren: The Musical )

Father of Night )

Black History Month )

Comments n' queries, cheers n' jeers, darts n' laurels, kicks n' kudos, slaps n' bennies welcome. Remember, kids: game ideas are like little fairies that need your love to live. When they don't get LJ comments, the fairies die... and it's all your fault.


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