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Synopsis of our classic rock DramaSystem game, Part 3 of 3. (Here's Part 1, Part 2, and the podcast where we talked about it.)

Southern Rock Opera : Act Three

And I’m scared shitless / of what’s coming next / these angels I see in the trees

Episode 7: Back to Memphis )

Episode 8: Rock and Roll Suicide )

Episode 9: War )

Episode 10: Sympathy for the Devil )

"I ain’t saying I beat the Devil, but I drank his beer for nothing. And then I stole his song."

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Synopsis of our DramaSystem game about a hellbound 70s rock band, Part 2 of 3. (Here's Part 1, here's Part 3, and here's the podcast where we jawed about it.)

Southern Rock Opera : Act Two

Don’t sing with a fake British accent / don’t act like your family’s a joke

Episode 4: Hotel California )

Episode 5: I Wanna Be Sedated )

Episode 6: To Beat the Devil / Angels and Fuselage )

Interlude: Gimme Shelter )
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My gaming buddies have just posted an episode of their swell podcast, Shake Rattle and Roleplay, where I come on to talk about Southern Rock Opera, the DramaSystem game we recently played about a 70s rock band that sells its soul(s) to the Devil. A couple of people have asked, so I thought I'd post a synopsis of the game. It was pretty boss: maybe the best dramatic, character-driven gaming I've ever been part of.

(NB: [ profile] athenalindia also posted full length summaries of each episode, which were invaluable to me in running the game and in writing up this shorter version. Her LJ is friends-only, but I'll bet she would answer a friend-request if you're really curious. Here I was trying to hit a sweet spot in length between "Facebook status update" and "comprehensive TWOP recap" that might be more accessible for people who didn't play in the game.)

This is part one of three. (Here's Part Two and Three.) (And here's the podcast where we talk about the game, the DramaSystem system, and Huey Lewis and the News.)

Southern Rock Opera : Act One

Rock and roll means well / but it can’t help telling young boys lies

Episode 1: Memphis Blues / Elvis Has Left The Building )

Episode 2: Born To Run )

Episode 3: You Can't Always Get What You Want )


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