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I don't think there will be many people reading this who are (a) gamers and (b) not already aware of Claw/Claw/Peck, [ profile] head58's groovy new gaming blog, but it occurs to me there are a few.

(For instance: Ephemeral Circus, meet [ profile] athenalindia and [ profile] theclevermonkey--I've been gaming with them (among others) in London, at least until I had a baby and completely marooned our post-apocalypse Deadlands campaign at an excruciating cliffhanger; [ profile] athenalindia  and [ profile] theclevermonkey , meet the Boston circus (among others)--sorry for being AWOL so long.)

Claw/Claw is off to a nice start, with an admirable focus on praxis, both in the sense of "actual practical application" and also in the sense that that's the name of  one of [ profile] editswlonghair's Agon hacks. So far I have contributed three Alternate Alpha Complexes, which isn't especially praxis-y, but hey, that's how we do.

(I think at one point the excellent Allen Varney and his merry band of traitors were working on a book of alternate worlds for PARANOIA, which is the sort of thing that could bring even me out of lurktirement. But I don't know what ever came of it. My understanding is that PARANOIA is now the work of one in-house writer, so Allen and the traitors' more glorious schemes have probably been shelved.)

Does the world need a new gaming blog? Perhaps not, but I'm more interested in what these particular guys have to say about gaming than I am in 90% of the gaming pundits out there. Plus the most recent post gives me credit for inventing the flashback, so I'm digging it.
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An entry stolen in its entirety from the concise, worthwhile pop culture blog People Paula:

Luis Guzman must be pissed.

Speaking of Nacho Libre, the NYT loved it.

Speaking of Luis Guzman, what's with the outbreak of owlbear fever over at Story Games? As [ profile] shiffer and I were saying: been there, done that, got the experience points.

Edit: Yeesh, the Dungeon Majesty wiki has been ravaged by spammers. [ profile] bryant, do you think we ought to clean it up and then lock it down a la Unknown USA? I'm happy to do some of the clean-up if you like; I hate to see it like that.


Jun. 21st, 2005 05:25 pm
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I'd better skip ahead a bit, brother: yesterday was eaten up by moving stuff, and my desktop gets packed up tomorrow, and everything else gets packed up Thursday, and then we're in limbo for two weeks and I don't know how much I'll be online.

My 2001 entry was going to be about moving to JP, and the night my car was stolen and we were inexplicably traumatized by a little girl jive-dancing on the subway, coming back from a fancy dinner we couldn't afford. By extension, it was going to be about class and race in America and coming to terms with all that. Though I could have also talked about giving up finger-quotes for Lisa, or getting traction on the dissertation, or the time these dudes flew a couple of planes into some buildings. And then 2002 was all about weddings, ours and the seven others we went to that year. But some of you have been waiting patiently for me to get to gaming, and since it's half of what we talk about around here, I've got to cover it. I just don't know how to do it justice.

Big pile of gaming memories behind the cut. )

Yeah, you probably had to be there. But if you were there, thanks. Because we were there together.
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A quick and dirty recap of the penultimate Dungeon Majesty is up; [ profile] bryant and [ profile] jeffwik's funnier ones are devoutly wished for. Further proof this is not your usual RPG: L woke me up at 5 am before heading off to school Thursday morning to ask me if Alvin won the election. She never does that.
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It’s probably true that everybody who wants to know about this already does know about this, and that anyone reading this who doesn’t already know about this really doesn’t want to know about this. (Could you follow all that? If not, look out for the last sentence of the third paragraph.) Nevertheless, the Dungeon Majesty story has gotten so ridiculously po-mo and self-referential, I can’t help but try and parse out the story for some of my non-gaming and no-longer-gaming friends.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... )


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