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Synopsis of our classic rock DramaSystem game, Part 3 of 3. (Here's Part 1, Part 2, and the podcast where we talked about it.)

Southern Rock Opera : Act Three

And I’m scared shitless / of what’s coming next / these angels I see in the trees

Episode 7: Back to Memphis )

Episode 8: Rock and Roll Suicide )

Episode 9: War )

Episode 10: Sympathy for the Devil )

"I ain’t saying I beat the Devil, but I drank his beer for nothing. And then I stole his song."

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My gaming buddies have just posted an episode of their swell podcast, Shake Rattle and Roleplay, where I come on to talk about Southern Rock Opera, the DramaSystem game we recently played about a 70s rock band that sells its soul(s) to the Devil. A couple of people have asked, so I thought I'd post a synopsis of the game. It was pretty boss: maybe the best dramatic, character-driven gaming I've ever been part of.

(NB: [ profile] athenalindia also posted full length summaries of each episode, which were invaluable to me in running the game and in writing up this shorter version. Her LJ is friends-only, but I'll bet she would answer a friend-request if you're really curious. Here I was trying to hit a sweet spot in length between "Facebook status update" and "comprehensive TWOP recap" that might be more accessible for people who didn't play in the game.)

This is part one of three. (Here's Part Two and Three.) (And here's the podcast where we talk about the game, the DramaSystem system, and Huey Lewis and the News.)

Southern Rock Opera : Act One

Rock and roll means well / but it can’t help telling young boys lies

Episode 1: Memphis Blues / Elvis Has Left The Building )

Episode 2: Born To Run )

Episode 3: You Can't Always Get What You Want )

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Originally published at Route 96. You can comment here or there.

Treasure Type

Elvissian Artifacts and Relics

All these items were available at the Elvis gift stores across the street from Graceland. If you wanted the really awful stuff, like vials of his sweat or X-rays of his sinuses (I’m serious) you had to go to the unauthorized dealers downtown.

01-13 Elvis Records (Duh.)
14-21 Elvis Silverware and Fine Elvis China
22-25 Elvis Needlepoint Samplers
26-29 Elvis Keychains
30-33 Porcelain Elvis Bells
34-37 Elvis Swinging Hip Clocks
38-41 Dollar Bills with Elvis’ Picture
42-47 Elvis Style Karate Clothes
48-53 Elvis Presley Blvd. Street Signs
54-57 Elvis Lingerie (ok, technically Priscilla Lingerie)
58-61 New Age Elvis Wind Chimes
62-65 Elvis Cuff Links
66-69 The Eye of Vecna
70-73 Elvis Bowling Accessories
74-77 Elvis Linens
78-81 Foods Shaped Like Elvis
82-85 Elvis Stamps and Inkpads
86-89 Elvis Jigsaw Puzzles
90-92 Elvisopoly, the Game of Elvis
93-96 “Where’s Elvis” Book
97-99 Laser Elvis Holograms
00 Elvis Cabbage Patch Kid (in the gold lame suit, a steal at $300)

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Originally published at Route 96. You can comment here or there.

Luke... I am your father.

Of course we went to Graceland.

I sang a medley of Elvis favorites (also at maximum volume) to get Petey and the still hung-over Derek in the mood, and we stopped on Elvis Presley Boulevard for a kingly brunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, gravy, and a small side order of lard. By the third helping I think Derek was really communing with the Big E’s burnin’ love.

I tell you, friends and neighbors, Graceland was like the United Nations, with people from all over the world and all walks of life: from blue-haired old ladies (”Elvis was a bad postured hooligan, if you ask me, but he did love his mother.”) to green-haired young punks (”I wanna see the toilet where he died. Do you think they flushed it?”). There were busloads of Japanese tourists with cameras, as per the stereotype, plus a carload of old drunks who see something amazing, think they’re hallucinating, and throw away the bottle. A number of minibike twins were also in evidence.

Instead of tour guides, they have cassette tapes of Priscilla Presley leading you through the house. It only heightened the quasi-religious atmosphere of the place to see everybody shuffling through the Jungle Room in complete silence, listening to their little walkmans. If you took your earphones off, you could hear a dozen out-of-synch Priscillas whispering, “I remember one time Elvis ate nothing but meatloaf… meatloaf… meatloaf… for six months straight… straight… straight…”

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"OK: any historic figure."
"I'd fight Gandhi."
"Good answer."
"How about you?"
"Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight 'til they're burger."

So Clinton Nixon and Vincent Baker have been "interviewing" each other in a thread at Fair Game—I put scare quotes around "interviewing" because it looks suspiciously like two friends just having a fun, free-ranging conversation—and one of them asked the other who their dream gaming group from history would be. They both had great answers:

Clincent: I'd like to play a game of Dogs in the Vineyard with Thomas Jefferson, Mae West, Wyatt Earp, Mark Twain, and Ambrose Bierce. Twain's the GM, of course. Jefferson's all "the-what-the-what" when he finds out what happened in the western US. "A theocratic governorship? Nonsensical fantasy!" And we all laugh, and Mae's character shoots someone in the face and then she winks at me across the table.

Vinton: We're playing My Life with Master. It's me, Jesus, Salvador Dali, and Christopher Robin Milne (as an adult), with Michael S. Miller GMing. Jesus gets really into it, he's all like "yessss masssster" and rolling his eyes wildly, but Michael makes Salvador Dali cry. Christopher Robin Milne OWNS the horror revealed.

I especially like that "of course" Twain's the GM. Like, duh.

I'll have to think about who my dream gaming group would be. Some of you have already heard my reverie about Elvis Presley's Jungle Room at Graceland, and how it is the Platonic Ideal of the 1970s rec room, and how certain I am that if Elvis had lived only a few more years he would have played D&D there with the Memphis Mafia, because that is so clearly what the room is built for. But it wouldn't have been a dream game, it would have been lame as hell, because Elvis wouldn't DM, he'd get Sonny West or somebody to do it, and Sonny would just totally kiss up to Elvis and give his character 18/00 Strength and 18/00 Charisma and tons of magic items and every other dungeon room would just be elf girls in white cotton panties.

I'm posting a lot, huh? You might think that means I have no work to do... but really it means I have lots of work that I don't want to do. I want somebody to "interview" me!


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