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Paul Ford is amusing me / reminding me of [ profile] jeffwik / reminding me of Ferdinand Klotz, which all three amount to the same thing:
If we have a child and the rats do not eat it first I will teach her (or him) to fear Sting.

"Be good," I will say, "or Sting will come with his lute."

"Where does Sting live?" the kid will ask.

"He dances alone in fields of gold. When he sings you fall asleep and die. But if you listen to good music he can never come close. For he is so afraid."

"Does he eat you?"

"No, because he is vegetarian. In Greece he is called Borefeus."

"I hate Sting!"
Thanks for all the thoughts on World of Warcraft, by the way. I'm still wrestling with the article (It's hard to summarize 5,000+ years of human play in 1,500 words, go figger!), but you've been a big help. Though I still kind of need a current events hook, and I had NO INTENTION of emboldening you nerds to post gibberish conversations like this.
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An entry stolen in its entirety from the concise, worthwhile pop culture blog People Paula:

Luis Guzman must be pissed.

Speaking of Nacho Libre, the NYT loved it.

Speaking of Luis Guzman, what's with the outbreak of owlbear fever over at Story Games? As [ profile] shiffer and I were saying: been there, done that, got the experience points.

Edit: Yeesh, the Dungeon Majesty wiki has been ravaged by spammers. [ profile] bryant, do you think we ought to clean it up and then lock it down a la Unknown USA? I'm happy to do some of the clean-up if you like; I hate to see it like that.
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I was going back and forth on whether this was too flimsy to post at 20x20' Room but it seems TypePad is down today, so that makes my decision easy. (Karma for Six Apart and the pain upgrading MT is currently giving me, heh heh heh--oh wait, this also inconveniences me! Damn you, Six Apart! Now watch my LJ implode.)

Primetime Adventures players take note! And see if you can follow along: The title story in Kelly Link’s new collection, Magic for Beginners, is about (I’m quoting a review in The Believer) “a TV show called The Library, a teen drama whose cute, hormonal, conspicuously quotable friends are devoted fans of a TV show called The Library, a paranormal, ass-kicking series of mysterious provenance that pops up without warning at ungodly hours on random cable stations. … The hero, Jeremy, is a sentient TV character, obsessed with Fox, a character on the show within the show within the story, who turns out to be real.” A show within a show within a story, eh? If this is anybody but Jorge Luis Borges…

I’m thinking of taking Primetime Adventures with me to Florida over the holidays, where I’ll be with most of my family. They’re a mix of non-RPGers and long-ago-RPGers, but I might be able to get them to give it a whirl. (We typically play a lot of board games when we all get together, but bulky board games will be a hassle to lug down to the Sunshine State on a pre-Xmas post-Patriot Act plane.) Anyone reading this ever tried PTA with a group of non-gamers? Or does anyone have alternate suggestions of easy-to-transport board/card games or newbie-friendly one-shot RPGs?

See, my subject line is like an answer to the "Central Question" at the top of the Believer review, and there's this old joke, and...


Jun. 21st, 2005 05:25 pm
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I'd better skip ahead a bit, brother: yesterday was eaten up by moving stuff, and my desktop gets packed up tomorrow, and everything else gets packed up Thursday, and then we're in limbo for two weeks and I don't know how much I'll be online.

My 2001 entry was going to be about moving to JP, and the night my car was stolen and we were inexplicably traumatized by a little girl jive-dancing on the subway, coming back from a fancy dinner we couldn't afford. By extension, it was going to be about class and race in America and coming to terms with all that. Though I could have also talked about giving up finger-quotes for Lisa, or getting traction on the dissertation, or the time these dudes flew a couple of planes into some buildings. And then 2002 was all about weddings, ours and the seven others we went to that year. But some of you have been waiting patiently for me to get to gaming, and since it's half of what we talk about around here, I've got to cover it. I just don't know how to do it justice.

Big pile of gaming memories behind the cut. )

Yeah, you probably had to be there. But if you were there, thanks. Because we were there together.


Mar. 29th, 2005 04:41 pm
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Dungeon Majesty has now wrapped, which most of you already know, but I haven’t mentioned it here myself yet, so now I have. Such a happy experiment! Thanks again to all the players and the tiny, slightly demented fan base too. And now [ profile] jeffwik’s AmericanBabe game has begun, and [ profile] mgrasso says he’s finally really for true no fooling going to run Dogs in the Delta… You know all the ribbing we do around here of the cutting-edge, Secret Door, indie-gaming scene? My friends, we are the cutting-edge indie-gaming scene. We mock what we become, I guess. And vice versa. I cannot count how many times I have found that to be true.

What does everyone love more than posts about gaming? Posts about SCHEDULING gaming! )

Also: I’m going to take Jeremiah out to lunch for his birthday on Thursday. Time & Place TBA: Jere, do you have any requests? Anyone else who can make it to Central Square over their lunch hour and wants to come with should pipe up too.
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A quick and dirty recap of the penultimate Dungeon Majesty is up; [ profile] bryant and [ profile] jeffwik's funnier ones are devoutly wished for. Further proof this is not your usual RPG: L woke me up at 5 am before heading off to school Thursday morning to ask me if Alvin won the election. She never does that.
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It’s probably true that everybody who wants to know about this already does know about this, and that anyone reading this who doesn’t already know about this really doesn’t want to know about this. (Could you follow all that? If not, look out for the last sentence of the third paragraph.) Nevertheless, the Dungeon Majesty story has gotten so ridiculously po-mo and self-referential, I can’t help but try and parse out the story for some of my non-gaming and no-longer-gaming friends.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... )
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Fun planning session tonight for Dungeon Majesty with [ profile] bryant, [ profile] peaseblossom, [ profile] jeffwik, and [ profile] mgrasso. Planning sessions are always fun with this group, actually. (By "this group" I mean the whole extended group—you know who you are—not just the five of us that happened to be there.) Maybe we should hang out more without necessarily gaming. Or without gaming but with a point-form agenda. And double strength Canadian beer. No no no, I'm actually really looking forward to the game.

I should say, tonight was fun until Bryant made Jeff cry by calling him a spotlight hog and then made me cry by saying I didn't post to The 20' By 20' Room enough. Actually, I said that I didn't post to 20'x20' enough, but Bryant agreed really quickly and vehemently. He's a big meanie. :) And then we had the Forge pro/con discussion that, Jeff helpfully pointed out, we've had a hundred times before.

So I did a quick scan of 20'x20's one year history to see how badly I suck. The answer is: pretty badly, though not more than anyone other than Bryant and Ginger by any great orders of magnitude. I've posted ten times to the Room. My rough count says Bryant has done about 85 posts, and Ginger about 40. (nb: Bryant is crazy.) Neel and Jim are each around 20, Emily and Jere 14 or 15, the three new guys and somebody named "the Ghoul" have 2 or 3, Ryan has 1, and there are four or five members who have never posted. But I give myself extra points for naming the room, for making long meaty posts, for commenting all the time, for the really long post about Mountain Witch on the Forge, and for the six or seven unfinished posts I have on my hard drive. They're awesome.

Edit: Make that eleven times. Shame is a great motivator.
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Whoa, I totally flaked on getting together with [ profile] peaseblossom and [ profile] jeffwik to talk PTA game. As penance, I banged this out:

If this is anybody but David Kaufman, Spike Jonze, Wes or Paul Thomas Anderson, you're stealing my bit.


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