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Here (behind the cut) is the front cover of the valentine I drew for [ profile] papersource one year ago today. She liked it, I think.

Not for the squeamish or seasonally depressed. You have been warned. )

p.s. We got home, eventually.
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How come none of you drew Batgirl? Slackers.

I wanted to, but one giant blogging-related time-suck is enough for any given weekend.
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Do you know what today is?

Of course you do!

It's Saint Amnesty to Post About Random Out of Date Stuff's Day!

For it was on this very day back in, oh, let's say the 80s, between the day that the eponymous Saint Amnesty to Post About Random Out of Date Stuff, patron saint of unpaid LiveJournal accounts, finished his grading for the term and the day that he went away on holiday, was killed by a car bomb—a holy car bomb, mind you—and the rest, as they say, is history. So it is that on this day every year, people with unpaid LiveJournal accounts honor St. Amnesty by posting about stuff that they meant to post about months ago, and get toffee.

The thing is, I kind of always knew my brother would grow up to train an army of killer of Asian 4-year-olds... )
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Last year on this happy occasion I posted a picture from our wedding. This year on Lisa & my anniversary I’ll treat you to this manga version of a picture from our wedding one of L’s students drew for her.

Big Eyes Lisa Small Mouth Rob

Give the kid credit: drawing a big eyes, small mouth version of me (and more to the point, a small nose, small chin version of me) is pretty much a Sisyphean task. But re-imagining Lisa as a spunky magical girl powers go! anime heroine fighting evil by moonlight etc. etc. is all too easy. Heck, they practically made a movie about her already (link to movie trailer, worth the download time IMHO).

I love you more than anything, baby. Here’s to two wonderful, wonderful years. And, with any luck, to two more. :)


I also want to post something about the election, but we're about to head off to the internet-free side of Wolf Lake. You'll have to wait a few days for my brilliant punditry. Until then, [ profile] wordwolf and [ profile] mizalaina have got you covered.
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Planetary #16, only eighteen months late. Capsule review: Pretty, pretty pictures. Advances plot about one half of one baby step.


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